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At only 19 years old, she is the reigning champion of the US Open and a global opinion leader.




Coco Gauff is one of the major emerging figures in world tennis. Ranked third in the WTA, she has held the top spot in doubles for two years.

She made her professional debut at 15, and a few months later, she announced herself to the world by defeating Venus Williams at Wimbledon.

However, despite all her sporting achievements, from the very beginning, she has garnered attention for her outspoken social activism.

Precisely because of this, Gauff has been chosen by Time magazine as one of the five most influential women, being the only athlete among them.

According to the publication, she has been selected for her contribution to "creating a more equitable world to build a better future for women."

It all runs in the family. Her grandmother, Yvonne Lee, was a pioneer in civil rights and one of the first black women to enroll in a predominantly white school.

Feminism and climate change are among her main concerns, and she has publicly taken a stand on these issues on numerous occasions.

...and without neglecting her fight for the rights of the black population in the United States, where she has been a very significant supporter.

Following the death of George Floyd, she delivered a speech encouraging people to join the protests, stating, "If you choose silence, you are on the side of the oppressor."

Thanks to her achievements at such a young age, Gauff has been nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards in the category of 'World Breakthrough of the Year'.