Marc Fontrodona

extreme animal encounters

This summer, we have witnessed several incredible encounters between animals and extreme athletes... such are the hazards of outdoor sports!

An Australian surfer went viral by riding a wave in order to  bring what was believed to be  a dead shark to the shore.

The folks at Blue Banana captured the harsh reality of one of the Philippines' top tourist activities: swimming with whale sharks.

An adventure and nature photographer shared a tense encounter with a mountain lion he had been tracking for ten years in California on his Instagram.

The Malibu Artist recorded the "unexpected" reaction of an adult great white shark to a surfer.  "They are unpredictable"

YouTuber Tom Scott captured incredible footage while experimenting with action cameras. A bear grabbed one and took a selfie.

This encounter was not quite what was expected as a security camera records a bike thief petting a local dog before making his escape.

The youngest member of an influencer family filmed himself while surfing with his father in Hawaii and encountered a shark. What would you do?

This summer, there was also a video of a mountain biker who paused his ride to assist a cow in giving birth. Decent story for the dinner table.

Check out the baby seal that hopped onto the surfboards of these guys in San Diego, California. It must have been an adorable session!

The adventurer Brodie Moss was able to capture rare footage of the mysterious behaviour of a humpback whale. What a beast!

The phenomenon of "red tide," which surfers use to capture unique photos, turned a dolphin bioluminescent. Thank goodness for cameras.

Australian television featured a story about Mrs. Chook, the chicken that learned to surf and skateboard during the pandemic.

It's not all extreme, and there are also ski resorts in the summer. Just ask the influencer Sage Butt and the badger she encountered. What a scream!