Amalia Fra



heroine of equality

Norway's Ada Hegerberg is one of the biggest stars of women's football.

Her elder sister gave her a taste for football and from an early age she wanted to be a professional.

The Lyon striker has won six Champions League titles, including the 2021/22 season.

...she also won the first ever women's Ballon d'Or in 2018.

Her fight for equal pay became a banner for equality between men and women in football.

As a result, she stepped away from the Norway team for five years,  missing the World Cup in France, among other tournaments.

In 2017 the Norwegian Federation announced that it would level up male and female salaries, increasing the latter by 93%.

The Norwegian men's national team also helped the deal by giving up part of its commercial revenue.

Since Norway made history by being the first federation in the world with equal pay, many other countries have followed suit.

Norway, USA, Brazil, Finland, England, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia already have equal pay...

With her goal accomplished, Norway's prodigal daughter is back on the scene at July's European Championships in England.

"I'm looking forward to coming back.  I'm glad we found a good solution."

"I want to keep fighting for equality. Now I can do it with the flag on my chest."

The striker, a physical powerhouse, is Norway's great threat at the continental tournament in England.