Marc Fontrodona

When animals and extreme  sports don't mix

Because extreme sports take place  in the wild, there is the added danger of an encounter with the wildlife. We saw a good few examples in 2022.

OTTER VS SURFER This otter took possession of a  surfer’s board at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California - and  fought tooth and nail to defend it.

BEAR VS CLIMBER A climber was surprised by a black bear on Mount Futago in Japan. He filmed the incident on his helmet-cam.

BISON VS HIKER Hiking can be very dangerous - particularly if you don’t  keep a safe distance…

REINDEER VS CYCLIST Downhill mountain biker Jannick Lange was involved in a high-speed collision with a reindeer in Alsace, France.

KILLER WHALES VS KAYAKER This kayaker wasn’t attacked… but got quite a fright when the fins of killer whales appeared right in front of him.

BEARS VS SKIERS A family of bears crosses a ski slope at the Sunday River resort in Maine. It’s a good job the skier stopped in time…

SHARK VS DIVER The free diver Ocean Ramsey  almost dived straight into the mouth  of an approaching shark.

SHARK VS SURFER The photographer Jordan Ast  captured these images of a shark leaping out of the water during a surfing competition in California.

OCTOPUS VS DIVER Diver Andrea Humphreys filmed  this encounter with a species of octopus whose arm span can grow to as much as nine metres.