Sergio Moraleda



As Barça revamp the Camp Nou, the club are to sell diamonds made from the grass in the old stadium


In June, LaLiga giants Barcelona  began remodelling their Camp Nou stadium. The revamp is due to be completed in September 2026.

Initially, the works on the Camp Nou will force Barça to play their home games at the Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys, better known as Montjuic.

The new Camp Nou will boast  6,000 more seats, a retractable roof,  a 360º video screen and 30,000  square metres of solar panels.

Barça are expected to spend just  over €1 billion on the works,  although the club are also set to bring in some money from the process.

The Blaugrana are partnering  with jewellers Brilianto to sell a collection of diamonds made from  the grass in the old stadium.

Barça expect the initiative, called  ‘Etern Spotify Camp Nou’, to bring in around €3 million - a sum that the  club will have to share with Brilianto.

The first step is to remove the  grass from the pitch and send it  to Brilianto’s lab, where it will  be concentrated into carbon.

This carbon will then be subjected  to high heat and heavy pressure, mimicking the natural process by  which diamonds are formed.

Once created, the ‘Etern Spotify Camp Nou’ diamonds will go through strict quality checks before being given  their certificate of authenticity.

Finally, the diamonds  - ranging from 0.1 carat to 1 carat - will be used to make rings, bracelets, cuff links and a host of other pieces of jewellery.

The highest-quality diamonds - the  1 carat ones - are expected to come with a price tag of around €15,000 each. Only 57 will be made.

Similar projects have been carried  out in the past: strands of Pelé’s hair were turned into diamonds, as was grass from Espanyol’s pitch.