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The legend of the

in the NBA


The TD Garden was erected in 1993 inches from the old Garden, the historic home where the Celtics built their legendary status.

The Green franchise's first 16 rings came at the Old Garden (1957-1986). The only other title came in 2008.

The new Garden cost $160 million and occupies 13,000 square metres. The old one was demolished in 1998.

Planning of the current home of the Celtics began in the 1970s, when the Old Garden was seen as too small.

The floor of the court was replaced in 1999, although it is an exact, but modern, copy of the old one, which had fallen into disrepair after 53 years.

The original floor cost Walter Brown $11,000, as he found a way  around the timber shortage in 1946 during World War II.

Brown scoured the Massachusetts sawmills collecting scraps of red oak that had come from Tennessee.

264 panels were used, joined by 988 screws, the floorboards starring in an episode of Cheers, the unforgettable sitcom set in Boston.

That old court had irregularities that bothered opponents. It is said that Red Auerbach asked his players to guide the opposition into those areas.

"There was no court like that. It was part of our legend, because we kicked everybody's ass in our house," recalled Bill Russell.

The new floor cost $200,000 and maintained the aesthetics of the old Garden, which was converted into a unique court.