Jennifer Bubel

The scandals


Jerry Jones just can’t stay out of the spotlight, and we know it ain’t cause he’s winning the Cowboys any Super Bowls…

His latest scandal involved a woman claiming to be his daughter and paying her to keep quiet, which he heavily denies.

The list goes on. He once tried to get NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fired because a player was suspended for domestic violence.

Several racy photos have surfaced of him with strippers, which he insists are “misrepresented”…

Jones was perfectly fine keeping a man on the payroll who was accused of taking inappropriate photos of the Cowboys cheerleaders in their locker room.

To make matters even grosser, that same man was accused of taking “upskirt” photos of Jerry Jones’ own daughter.

The cheerleaders were paid $2.4 million to settle the allegations. “That settlement was in the best interest of everyone involved.” - Jerry Jones

When players started to kneel in honor of police brutality against POC, Jones threatened to bench them.

Perhaps one of his worst offenses (at least to Cowboys fans) was firing Super Bowl-winning coach Jimmy Johnson for not giving Jones enough control of the team.

The Cowboys won exactly one Super Bowl after that, in 1996, more than two decades ago.

But hey, America’s Team is still the most valuable sports franchise and that’s good enough for Jones, who said “we’re the most popular TV show there is on television.”


In fact, he never went away…

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