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Greatest goalscorer ever

Cristiano Ronaldo became the top scorer in the history of soccer after three goals against Tottenham in the Premier League

He has now scored 807 goals in all competitions, surpassing Josef Bican's 805.  At 37, he continues to make a difference in the world's best league.

Cristiano has scored goal wherever he has played: 451 goals with Real Madrid, 135 with Manchester United, five with Sporting...

...101 with Juventus and 115 with the Portuguese national team.  These are historic goalscoring figures that we may not see again.

Cristiano is also United's fourth highest Premier League goalscorer. With 96 goals, he sits behind only Scholes, Rooney and Giggs.

With this latest hat-trick, Ronaldo has now scored 59 hat-tricks in his career. No other players can match that.

Hat-trick breakdown: Real Madrid 44 Portugal 10 Juventus 3 Manchester United 2 How many more lie ahead?

Cristiano is the top goalscorer for: international teams, Real Madrid, and the Champions League...

After a relative drought, the Portuguese star is back amongst the goals and will be expecting to add to his tally before the end of the season.

Although not on the mark this time against Atlético, he has scored a total of 25 goals against the Madrid club, seven in the Champions League.


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