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the “wideback”, but not by choice

the “wideback”, but not by choice

Deebo Samuel has asked to be traded from the San Francisco 49ers, but he didn’t mention the reason.

He seems to have some beef with the team though, as he has removed all social media posts related to the Niners and unfollowed their accounts.

Neither did he attend the conditioning program of on-field work this offseason. So what’s going on?

Deebo Samuel is the reason this new term “wideback” exists. His impressive abilities allow him to play at the WR and RB positions.

The Pro Bowler tallied 1,405 yards and six touchdowns in the air and 365 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground.

He put up record numbers, but apparently he is not pleased with the 49ers for using him as a utility player.

Deebo started to be used at the RB position more after week 10 when he had a monster game against the Rams.

His receiving production began to suffer due to all the time he was spending at RB, significantly dropping in the second half of the season.

According to multiple reports,  Deebo wants to focus on just being a wide receiver, and quit the RB role completely.

Strangely, just a month ago, Deebo reassured 49ers fans that he had no intention of leaving the team.

That has clearly since changed. The Niners have yet to release a response, but it looks like a trade is indeed on the table.





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