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As leader of the #EnoughisEnough movement, many women follow in her footsteps towards equality.



The name of Jenni Hermoso has taken a turn in the last year. Besides being a soccer star, and World Champion, she has become a leader of a movement.

The coronation as world champions in Sydney left one of the most controversial images of the year: Rubiales kissing Jenni.

From then, she led a global movement, under the slogan #SeAcabó (#EnoughisEnough), which advocates for equality and an end to gender-based abuse of power.

The world of women's football, dismayed by the non-consensual kiss, mobilized with displays of support for the cause of the Spanish national team.

Countries including the US, Mexico, Japan, Argentina and England showcased the fight with wristbands bearing the slogan.

This image occurred during a match between San Diego Wave and Orlando Pride in the US women's soccer league, one of the strongest in the world.

The movement was of such magnitude that Hermoso has been included among the Financial Times' 25 most influential women on the planet.

Furthermore, GQ magazine chose her as the Woman of the Year 2023 for her legacy both on and off the field.

Meanwhile, the infamous kiss remains in the courts.  But the movement has marked a before and after in women's sports.

For example, Janna Pittman, former world champion athlete, dared to report her harassment story thanks to Jenni's inspiration.