Jennifer Bubel

Best kicker in the NFL and world-class opera singer


Contrary to popular belief, NFL players DO have hobbies outside of football…

Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker’s is maybe one of the rarest - the best kicker in the NFL also has a talent for opera.

Tucker is known for making accurate kicks from long ranges and rarely missing FGs - that range translates into music.

Tucker plays the guitar, trumpet, and is a classically trained bass-baritone, able to sing opera in 7 languages.

His two talents go hand-in-hand. His attention to detail as a musician helped him do the same as an NFL kicker.

When Tucker performed Ave Maria at the Baltimore Basilica in 2015, he said he was more nervous than in the Super Bowl.

His talent has led him to be invited to perform for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the New York Opera.

Along with charity events, he was also on an NFL talent show on CBS in 2018 and has made several commercial appearances.

With a 91.1% success rate on FGs and 99% conversion rate on PATs, the same rhythmic precision lends to his musical talent.



It takes a level of technicality to kick a football, and the same is true of music. There is a composure that's required and a confidence that comes with preparation.

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