The incredible physical and mental transformation of

At 34, Karim Benzema remains among the world's most lethal strikers, achieved through sacrifice and, of course, discipline.

But over the past 5 years, the Frenchman has undergone a physical and mental transformation that has boosted his career. Here's how...

The first is training, which he completes with a home gym where he performs specific routines for certain muscle areas.

In addition to maintaining shape, this helps him add power and speed,  with kick boxing also helping  for maintaining agility.

Karim also uses 'alternative' techniques such as cupping therapy, which can reduce pain, although doesn't have much scientific backing.  

He also wears an electrostimulation vest, which stimulates the muscles and generates rhythmic contractions. 

Everything is complemented by his diet, which includes microalgae like spirulina. These provide antioxidants and help eliminate toxins.

Fish is also essential in his diet, a source of healthy fatty acids and providing excellent muscle health.

Finally, a mind-body-soul connection obtained from his spirituality completes Karim Benzema as an optimistic and resilient athlete.


diet and training regime of the Liverpool star