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The forbidden dunk


Between reality and urban legend, there was a "forbidden" dunk over LeBron James himself.

It happened in the summer of 2009 at the LeBron James Skills Camp, the player then with the Cavs. Jordan Crawford was the man.

Crawford at the time was a promising college player who played at Xavier. He was 21 years old and a year later was the 27th overall pick in the draft.

His scoring talent has taken him to five NBA teams, the G League, China, Germany, Russia, Turkey. Now 33, he plays in Puerto Rico.

He had one NBA season of more than 16 points on average (with the Wizards, in 2010-11). He also had good spells with the Celtics & Pelicans.

In China, with Tianjin Ronggang, he scored 72 points and 16 rebounds in one game. 25/52 from the field and 18/20 free throws. His team lost.

Let's go back to the dunk that stung a 24-year-old LeBron who had just won his first MVP. He had already played in a Finals with the Cavaliers.

Ryan Miller, a cameraman who had videotaped the play, later said that Nike quickly confiscated all the footage of Crawford's dunk.

Officially, the reason was that those small games could not be recorded. However, Miller said that LeBron asked Nike to remove the evidence.

If this version is true, LeBron went to Lynn Merritt, the Nike executive Nike manager who was there, and said "take those tapes away from everybody."

Crawford adds spice to his story: organizers had promised $500 to anyone who dunked on LeBron... but he never cashed in.

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