Alejandro Soto


Erling Haaland's daily routine is one of  the keys to his staggering feats


When Real Madrid face Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals, Erling Haaland will be the chief threat to Los Blancos.

In his first season with Premier  League champions City, the  Norway international has racked  up 50 goals in all competitions.

Haaland’s stunning exploits are no fluke: on top of hard work on the training pitch, his fitness regime includes several other key habits.

Stanislav Macek, Haaland’s  former coach at RB Salzburg, says  he does 300 press-ups and 1,000  sit-ups a day. But that’s not all.

The 22-year-old former Borussia Dortmund striker also follows a strict routine when it comes to what he eats and how much rest he gets.

For Haaland, getting enough sleep  is paramount. He goes to bed at  10pm and turns off all gadgets  around him to avoid distractions.

In the hours before he turns in for  the night, he also wears specially-tinted glasses that block out blue  light from electronic devices.

When Haaland wakes up, he says  he likes to “get some sunlight in  my eyes”, explaining: “It’s good  for my circadian rhythm.”

When it comes to his diet, he has revealed that he eats things like  cow’s heart and liver, which are considered to be super-foods.

His aim is to consume 6,000  calories a day, helping him to  build up the right amount of  muscle mass to avoid injuries.

Finally, he recently revealed on social media that his “magic potion” is milk, posting photos of himself holding two large bottles of the drink.