diet and training regime of the Liverpool star

At 30, Egypt's Mohamed Salah is the star of Liverpool FC and his country's national team. His diet and training have a lot to do with that.

According to the athlete himself, his diet is quite varied, thanks to the fact that his body has a low fat ratio.

For breakfast, Salah eats paratha, a low-calorie oriental bread. He adds fruit and has a glass of milk. 

For lunch, he turns to nutrient-dense proteins, such as chicken, and yoghurt for dessert, for digestive health.

Finally, dinner consists of roasted vegetables, salads and sugar-free fruit juices. 

If you're in Egypt, try kushari, a typical dish containing lentils, chickpeas, pasta and rice combined with spices, such as garlic, and tomato sauce.

During Ramadan Salah fasts and does not do any daytime activities. In order to continue his professional life, he gets up earlier and trains while it is still dark.

Salah's personal routine is composed of various disciplines such as calisthenics, strength training, swimming and yoga.

Those activities are integrated into his prep alongside gym and football sessions he does with his club.

As we have witnessed, behind his on-field success is a lot of hard work and sacrifice.


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