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most memorable confrontations


NBA fans sitting courtside are no strangers to engaging with players, but sometimes the line is crossed.

Jusuf Nurkic confronted a fan who insulted his family. Nurkic grabbed the fan's phone and threw it into the stands.

LeBron James had an Indiana fan kicked out of the front row after he used "obscene language" in early November.

Rajon Rondo made a symbol of a gun and put it to a spectator’s head in LA as his Lakers played the Phoenix Suns.

One of the most notorios encounters occurred at the Pacers in Detroit, when Ron Artest was hit with a beer cup and mayhem ensued. 

Reggie Miller gave Spike Lee the choke sign in the most famous player/fan tussle in a ’94 Knicks-Pacers playoff game.

Russell Westbrook was shooting  a free throw when he was confronted by a rabid Philadelphia fan at the free throw line.

Westbrook was confronted and pushed a Jazz fan who came on the court after the OKC Thunder lost to Utah in 2018. 

Derrick Fisher fell victim to the Jazz fans after leaving Utah for LA to be closer to a cancer research center for his daughter.

Jazz forward Rodney Hood was ejected and on his way to the locker room when he smacked a Wizards fan’s phone out of his hand.

A woman interrupted a 2012 Nuggets-Lakers looking for Kenyon Martin. The woman was reported to be stalking the player.

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