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After months of tough negotiations, the MLB has agreed to a new rule that was tailor-made for the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani.

Who is a both a pitcher and designated hitter, as pictured on MLB THE SHOW 22.

The rule will allow a pitcher who is also hitting to remain in the lineup as DH even after he’s pulled from the mound.

The new rule was trialled in the 2021 All Star Game, where Ohtani was the starting pitcher.

In 2021, Ohtani had a 3.18 ERA and went 9 and 2 with 130.1 innings pitched.

He also batted .257 with 46 home runs and 100 RBIs.

Previously, Ohtani would have to shift to the outfield if he wanted to continue batting.

By batting the pitcher, the old rule said that the team had elected to play without a designated hitter.

Any relief pitchers would have to bat once they came in the game.

Now that the DH is universally used, it seems that league officials were open to a few tweaks to the rule.

Perhaps this will encourage more young players to develop both sides of their game and become dual threats.


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