Juanma Rubio



“I would've  been the best drug dealer”

Patrick Beverley, one of the NBA's bad boys, has made it through the First Round playoffs, after taunting Ja Morant.

During his career, the point guard, who is 33 and just 6ft, has made tenacity and intensity his trademarks... as well as his ability to wind up rivals.

But that enabled him to sign contracts for over 75 million dollars since 2015. He has played for the Rockets, Clippers and now the Timberwolves.

To his credit, he has spent 10 years in the NBA, and in the eight years when he hasn't been injured, his teams have always made the playoffs.

He's nicknamed "Mr 94 feet" - his aim is to make life hell for his rivals on every inch of the 94 feet of the court.

He earned a place in the NBA after impressing in Ukraine (Dnipro), Greece (Olympiacos) and Russia (Spartak St. Petersburg). He was EuroCupo MVP in 2012. 

He was raised on the tough streets of Chicago's West Side. He says, "If I hadn't gone into basketball, I'd have been the best drug dealer in the world".

At Arkansas University, he was suspended for plagiarism. So opted to play abroad: "It was either the hoop or sell dope".

In 2010, aged 22, he already had two children. In 2008, he signed his first six-figure contract: "I had mouths to feed".

He was brought up by his mother, who had three jobs, in an apartment in a dangerous part of Chicago: "I know the rules of the street".

His grandmother tried to make up for the lack of a father figure: "But she didn't know how, she told me to watch Italian movies, like 'The Godfather'".

"They kind of molded me to be this little baby gangster. I got an extra credit class from all the drug dealer guys my Mom dated so we had food to eat".

In 2008, he almost lost his life in a car accident while selling cannabis: "I heard a voice saying we were OK, it had to be God".


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