Alberto Toro


The Saudi league has already disrupted, with more to come



This summer, the Saudis have made history in the transfer window, with top footballers being tempted enough to join their competition.

The five big European leagues have been impacted by the Arab giant, being unable to compete with the financial offers from the country.

The fear of the teams across the Old Continent has increased in recent days, as the European windows close but the Pro League has till 20 September.

European teams fear that they may still lose a key player, drawn by the significant financial rewards, but now not be able to replace him.

Some top players have left this summer, not just those in the final stages of their careers but also targeting young talent.

The most prominent signings in this league have been Benzema, Mané, and Neymar. The Brazilian is leaving the elite of football at the age of 31.

One of the signings that surprised the most was Gabri Veiga. The Celta Vigo youth player chose Saudi riches despite having offers from Europe.

The squads of the teams have noticeably increased their level, but the league's demand still remains lower than in Europe.

Ceferín, UEFA president, cleared up one rumour about the Champions League: "Saudi Arabian clubs will never play in European competitions."

Hosting the World Cup is one of the country's major objectives. They want to raise the level of their league and improve their football.