Pepe Rodríguez


The March Madness nun

March Madness, college basketball’s season final tournament, is truly blessed.

Loyola University Chicago has qualified for March Madness and this means Sister Jean will be back in the spotlight.

Sister Jean is a nun who works for Loyola-Chicago and she is in love with basketball.

She shot to fame in 2018 when Loyola-Chicago made it to the March Madness Final Four.

Her presence at every game was seen as a sign of blessing and good luck by the team.

That spring, Sister Jean became a nationwide celebrity and today is much beloved by the whole country.

She is so famous that there have been figurines created in her honor that sell for over $300.

In 2021, Loyola-Chicago returned to March Madness and Sister Jean risked Covid to join the team.

In a famous sermon delivered before their game against Illinois, she managed to include a tactical analysis of the opposition.

At 102 years old she will return to March Madness this season to guide her boys.


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