Marc Fontrodona and Ander OrdoƱo




Surprising  encounters between

THE ANTI-TIKTOKER Sea Snake. One recent viral video on social media shows this creature climbing onto Brodie Moss' surfboard. 

THE SNUGGLY SEAL. In this adorable encounter,  a seal fell in love with a surfer  and didn't want to get off his board.

THE GIANT SQUID. This squid tried to climb on this surfer's board. Luckily, no one was killed in these squid games. 

THE CLASSIC SHARK. In this case, the surfer's friends were laughing at him because they thought he was spooked by a stingray. Psyche!

A MANATEE THIEF. This animal, also known as the sea cow, stole a surfboard from a 10-year-old boy. Ruthless!

THE ORCA'S TOY.  A routine excursion in Baja California turned into the experience of a lifetime for this surfer. 

A SEA LION FIGHT.  This encounter in New Zealand between a bodyboarder and a sea lion was less friendly. 

THE WHALE'S BALL. A whale came up to play with a paddleboarder, using the board as if it were a ball. 

THE ANNOYING CROCODILE.  This person was on their paddleboard when a crocodile came up to them and wouldn't go away.

A GIANT SUNFISH. We'd seen sunfish before, but never this big nor this close to the shore. "It's as big as your board!" says the paddleboarder. 

THE SURREAL HOG.  Hawaiin surfer Ingrid Seiple came across this wounded and confused the water!