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Sometimes the cutest creatures can be the most threatening predators. This black panther came to life in 1995, the same year as the franchise.

Sir Purr

Carolina Panthers

Blitz is a lot more threatening-looking than Sir Purr, that's for sure! He is sometimes joined by sidekicks Boom and Taima, the latter a real hawk.


Seattle Seahawks

A clever name and a cute yet scary-looking mascot, Billy Buffalo is a big, blue buffalo who was born in 2000 and  looks like something out of Disney.

Billy Buffalo

Buffalo Bills

Yes, that is really his name. This striped fellow is named after the Bengals' chant and communicates through the art of mime, taunting his opponents.

Who Dey

Cincinnati Bengals

Staley Da Bear is named after the original owner of the Chicago franchise, A.E. Staley. And he's fierce, yet cuddly, just like a mascot should be!

Staley Da Bear

Chicago Bears

This 6'1" labrador is cute and intimidating, like a rabid animal that you can't help but pet, but end up getting rabies from. 


Cleveland Browns

While he's definitely not the most threatening of the mascots (he is a horse, after all), he is beloved my many and will kill you with kindness.


Indianapolis Colts

The Broncos have Miles, a fluffy orange character, but it's this elegant horse who gallops along the sidelines after each score who really impresses!

Thunder II

Denver Broncos

For a bird, Big Red is awfully athletic! He's only been around since 1998, but he's one of the cooler of the bird mascots and is tall with a huge wingspan!

Big Red

Arizona Cardinals

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