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The Gipsy King defends his throne at Wembley

Tyson Fury is one of the most talked-about boxers.  On Saturday he'll fight in England for the first time as champion. 

Born prematurely, weighing one pound, he had little chance of survival. His father named him after Mike Tyson, a fighter from Day 1.

His father and his family were 'Irish Travellers'. They went from fair to fair boxing, living in a motorhome.

Tyson Fury started boxing at 10. His father, John, was his trainer until 2011, when he was imprisoned.

He had 35 amateur bouts, but missed out on the 2008 Beijing Olympics and went pro. Seven fights later he won the English title.

He was Commonwealth champion but vacated the belt to go for the Irish title, to honor his family who are of Irish descent.

After becoming European champion, Fury got the chance to fight Wladimir Klischko in 2015, shocking the world by overthrowing the king.

Depression took hold. He got into alcohol and drugs, gained a lot of weight, and even considered suicide in 2016.

In 2018, he overcame his problems and decided to stage a comeback.  His fight against Wilder left no doubt as to his caliber.

He had two other fights before his rematch with Wilder in 2020. He knocked him out to once again become champion.

In 2021 he planned to fight Joshua, but a contract forced him to finish the trilogy with Wilder, whom he knocked out again.

Dillian Whyte now challenges his crown, at Wembley in front of 90,000 spectators - the first time as champion in his own country.