Marc Fontrodona

The most amazing pictures of 2022


©Douglas Klug

The UPY is the most prestigious underwater photography competition, awarding prizes in several categories. These are the winners...

©Yujing Guo

Overall Winner: “Boto encantado” A perfect composition of a pink dolphin, an endangered species, in the waters of the Amazon River.

©Kat Zhou

Marine Conservation: “Hopeless” A humpback whale dies in Mexican waters because of ropes and buoys that render its tail useless.

©Álvaro Herrero ‘Mekan’

Wide angle: “Fade” Rays parading along the seabed in the Cayman Islands at sunrise.

©J. Gregory Sherman

Macro: “Unsung” The bighead toad is a deep-water fish that has one of the most unique reproductive processes in the world.

©Shane Gross

Wrecks: “Engine with a saddle” An F8F-1, a World War II aircraft. Neil Armstrong said it was his favorite.

©Brett Eldridge

Behaviour: “Make love not war” Two coconut octopuses, a species that can "walk", making love.

©Yuri Ivanov

Portrait: “The trunk” The elephant's trunk is one of the most fascinating elements of the natural world and this is one of the best photos.

©Suliman Alatiqi

Black & White: “El Blanco” A baby Southern Right Whale in the Valdes Peninsula of Argentina posing with the mother's permission.

©Don Silcock

Compact: “Klunzinger’s wrasse in motion” A day of diving in the Red Sea can lead to photos like this one.

©Enrico Somogyi

British UPY: “The Swarm” A whale shark feasting on small fish in Ningaloo, Australia.

©Ollie Clarke

Portrait 2nd: “Curiosity among icebergs” Also noteworthy is the 2nd place of a Spanish photographer in this category.

©Rafael Fernández Caballero