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Jason McAteer has challenged his long-time foe to a boxing bout


Roy Keane has often made plain  his desire to sort out his differences with Jason McAteer with a spot of fisticuffs. That might just happen now.

That’s because McAteer has challenged the former Man United captain to a boxing match, with both throwing £1m ($1.25m) into the fight purse.

The pair’s animosity goes back to the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan - a tournament for which they both made the Rep. of Ireland squad.

The Irish reached the last 16, but  Keane walked out on Mick McCarthy’s squad before a ball had been kicked -  a decision McAteer has criticised.

Unhappy with Ireland’s tournament preparations at their Saipan base, Keane told McCarthy: “You can stick your World Cup up your arse.”

Soon after, Keane and McAteer crossed paths again when United visited Sunderland in the league - and they ended up clashing in a fiery encounter.

At one point, McAteer could be  seen taunting Keane over his  explosive, tell-all autobiography,  which had just been released.

Later, Keane got back at McAteer by elbowing him, earning a red card. Asked about the incident recently, Keane said his compatriot deserved it.

McAteer, meanwhile, has branded Keane a “clown” and this month challenged him to a boxing bout during a beIN Sports TV show.

Since hanging up their boots, the former team-mates have  exchanged countless jibes during  appearances as soccer pundits.

So who knows: maybe Keane will say yes to a fight - and in the process follow in the footsteps of ex-Liverpool star Dirk Kuyt, who is now a pro boxer.