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Football players do have hobbies outside of the game, and Cowboys WR Brandin Cooks happens to have a unique one.

Cooks was introduced to aviation when Saints TE Jimmy Graham took him up in his plane to see the SuperDome from the sky.

From there, he was hooked, and got his private pilot's license in 2021 while he was playing for the Houston Texans.

He even proposed to his now wife after a helicopter ride in 2017.

Though his first focus was always football, he was still able to pass the intense training to become a pilot.

Cooks now owns a 2016 Cirrus Turbo, which comes equipped with its own parachute and top-of-the-line safety features.

And though he could fly solo, he always makes sure to have a co-pilot with him, "just to have another set of eyes".

Still, Cooks' unique hobby concerns some, including the owner of his current team, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Last summer, Cooks posted a video flying around with teammates Stephon Gilmore and Micah Parsons...  Jones did not love it.

"One thing I want to do is chastise Cooks for getting in that airplane with the best part of the team..I'm glad I didn't know that was going on."

Cooks clarified with Jones that he had a co-pilot and a license and the two were able to laugh about it together.

"At first I was nervous because I was like, 'Was he joking?' So when I saw him, I go, 'Oh no worries, I'll be flying your plane next.'

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