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Fake AI-generated images spark rumors

The former US president could face conviction over an alleged payment to a porn actress. A journalist has created fake AI-generated images that have gone viral.

Could Trump be arrested? A US jury could convict the former president over payments to Stormy Daniels.

Trump has called for protests against the decision of a Manhattan court.

This would be the first criminal charge against a former US president, in this case for payments to a porn actress.

Trump has also stated that he would like to be handcuffed if he is eventually arrested by authorities.

On social media, fake news about Donald Trump's arrest has been shared with AI-generated images.

Fakes show AI breakthrough with millions fooled by these photos.

The most viral 'deepfakes' have been created by Eliot Higgins using the Midjourney platform to create AI-generated images.

In reality, this is part of a joke that many have mistaken for real news, but it has various flaws.

The images show Trump struggling against the police and being chased by law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, in the real world, millions of people are preparing for possible riots if Trump is indeed arrested.